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James Di Salvio/Jayne Hill/Gary McKenzie/
Nick Hynes/Monica Hynes/Jean Leloup 

Everything’s up in the air again
Here we go again
I can’t pretend that
Time will bend for me
In the need to feel
So worthy 

And like you say
I can change
They can fix me
Remix me
Seduce and abandon me
Build me like Tetris
Pile pieces around me
It’s so easy:
For once in your life
Just say I’m worthy 

'Cause that I think that I can function
And walk around this town
In self-consumption
It's so easy 

It’s so predictable to want to feel so beautiful 

And I admit it is easy to sing to you
First, personally
Call it the need to only talk about me
Call it the need to feel
So what if our face is changing
My love for you is all-consuming
My working mind
From time to time, I need to shine
I am shining, designing
My reflection blinding you
I am shining 

It’s so predictable to want to feel so beautiful 

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