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I do what I want
I don't kiss asses
And as time passes
It's worse and worse

And if you wanna know
How I think it will end
I will say if it's in my hands
I will finish like this old...

Horrible fool (x5)

My sister made a mistake
She've done something wrong
She wanted easy money
So she took the bag

Now they want to put her in
For a long long while
They let the big guys go
Cause they fuck their hoes

So please let her go
Let her go
Let her go

Horrible fool
What are you talking about?

Let her go

Walking in the streets
Yelling at everybody!

Let her go

Did you see that horrible fool in the streets
Yelling at everybody
Are you always sure that it's nonsense, Fuckers?

Let her go

(Attention! Elle arrive! La Mygale Jaune! 
Elle arrive! La Mygale Jaune!)

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