Flushed, plucked, and butt of jokes
par The Gazette
dans The Gazette, septembre 2006

Guy Fournier tickles other guests on Tout le monde en parle

News of the Weird: Good thing Thanksgiving is coming because this turkey is seasoned, basted, stuffed and done! The bird? Chairman of the board of CBC/ Radio-Canada, Guy Fournier, who wrote in a column in 7 jours that Lebanese law allowed men to have sex with animals. Fournier went on Tout le monde en parle last Sunday to defend himself and mostly couldn't get a word in edgewise. You'll remember he's been on the hot seat before; f'r'instance the time he talked for 10 minutes on Toronto radio about the joys of defecating. He tried to explain on Tout le monde, "It was on community radio. ..." Another guest, equally controversial (but French) Thierry Ardisson (who created the original Tout le monde en parle back home), broke in, "Which community!?" Fournier went on: "The station was just starting up ..." Ardisson: " ... bad start." Chanteur Serge Lama was laughing so hard he was crying and finally spluttered, "The more (Fournier) talks the more he puts his feet in it!" Things calmed down. More guests. Then singer Jean (ex-Leloup) Leclerc, talking about this and that, turned to Fournier and exclaimed, "I can't believe your story!" Hilarity ensued. The upshot? On Tuesday, Fournier resigned (they say). Now the Tories get to appoint someone less controversial. Jan Wong, anyone?
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