Jean Leloup, Exit
par The Gazette
dans The Gazette, 22 avril 2004

Jean Leloup


Roi Ponpon / La Tribu / Select

Rating 4 If some thought Jean Leloup's retirement was some crazy publicity stunt, this gargantuan Exit (largely recorded at Metropolis last December) will make it harder for him to come back ... for a while at least. Relief and liberation reign supreme; thumbing his nose at past glory, he makes peace on his own terms with "f--king rock 'n' roll." This beautifully designed package reflects a romance for the grand theatrical gesture from the painted head under the top hat. The spiky 75-minute concert DVD La mygale jaune climaxes with the sacrificial burning of a favourite Fender in the snowy Quebec wilds. Meanwhile, two CDs of Leloup's Big Band leave us with a messianic devotion to percolating funk grooves (especially the tenderized fat tone of Charles Yoho's bass). Adrenalized devil-may-care rushes of lyrics betray a fatigued love-hate meditation on showbiz and experimentation, cushioned with wah-wah noodling perversely reminiscent of Frampton Comes Alive.

Rating 5 Instant Classic
Rating 4 Wonderful
Rating 3 Worth the money
Rating 2 Borrow from a friend
Rating 1 Don't bother
M Not if they paid you
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