Discs - Jean Leloup et la sale affaire, L'Amour Est Sans Pitié (Audiogram)
par Montreal Mirror
dans Montreal Mirror, 13 septembre 1990

Surrounded by vintage 1966 psychedelic flora, Jean Leloup chuckles into his beard on the cover of his second album. Leloup promised it would live up to his band's name, and show what he's really like. He wasn't fooling. In content and production, L'Amour Est Sans Pitié is refreshingly dirtier than his rather genteel (sic) first offering, Menteur. It sounds like Leloup dropped his demos in the Seine, dried them in the microwave, and stored them next to a lexicon of Quebécois and Parisian street slang. The latest in rock's unending lineage of angry young men, Leloup recalls another walking rock encyclopedia, France's Gilles Tandy. L'Amour shows Sale Affaire off to good advantage, as they move from the Tijuana Brass-meets-Mano Negra beat of Isabella to the Romeo Voidish angst-ridden drone of Think About You and the ringing, Rickenbacker-fueled title cut. Excellent, with nary a false note.

Merci Alex!

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