Jean Leloup
par Montreal Mirror
dans Montreal Mirror, 12 décembre 1991

Audiogram just inked a deal with FNAC music to release Jean Leloup's most recent album in France, and, according to Audiogram, initial reaction to the first single, 1990, has been very positive. FNAC is run by the FNAC chain of retail stores, and it also has Carole Laure and Charlebois on its roster. Audiogram has also signed on with Georges Mary to help promote Leloup in Europe. "It is very useful to have someone who represents the artist" says Audiogram promotion director Richard Pelletier. "He's our man in France. You need someone who knows what's going on."

Pelletier admits that Audiogram had little success trying to sell artists like Michel Rivard to the French, but he has high hope for Leloup.

"Leloup is one of the Quebec artists with the best chance of succeeding over there," says Pelletier. "Leloup knows the market and he knows the people. His songs are universal because of his imagination. He will still be crazy in France."

The other thing Let-up has going for him is that he is a died-in-the-wool "I-want-to-be-Jim-Morrison"-type rock'n'roller, and he is one of the only major players here who is into rootsy, grungy rock'n'roll. From the Gun Club to the Pixies, American guitar rock has always gone over very well in France.

Merci Alex!

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