Jean Leloup: Les fourmis (Audiogram)
par M-J Milloy
dans Hour, 1998

I've wanted this album ever since an unplanned but electrifying afternoon of drinking and dancing to the Wolf at last summer's Duluth Street Fair. Filling in for an absentee act, Leloup was the city's funkiest temp worker that day, effortlessly kicking out a freewheeling set of talking-blues genius and irreverent joual charm with just his guitar and an amp. Much of that afternoon's spirit, and some of the songs, has found its way onto the hybrid studio and live Les Fourmis, filled out with playful overdubs and solid rhythm and vocal accompaniment. Je joue de la guitare, driven by Leloup's seeing-eye hooks is the highlight; but the whole disc will have you agreeing with track one's backing vocal: hey, this guy's got a lot of soul. (M-J Milloy)

Copié de Ainsi va la vie

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